North Texas Eye Care Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Lens Options

Lens Materials
Polycarbonate Material

This material offers clearer vision than a traditional plastic lenses. This material is also shatter proof and is the lens of choice for patients under the age of 18 years old.

Trivex Material

This material is one step up from our polycarbonate material. It offers crisper, clearer vision.

1.67 High-Index Material

This material is one step up from our trivex material. It offers a lighter, thinner lens than polycarbonate or trivex materials. This lens is also our lens of choice for drill mount frames (i.e. silhouette or airlock) because it will not crack or chip.

1.74 High-Index Material

This is our lightest, thinnest lens. It offeres crystal clear vision and is ideal for our extremely hyperopic or myopic patients (i.e. >-8.00 or >+4.00). These are custom made at our Zeiss lab in Germany, which requires a 2-3 week waiting period when ordering your lenses.


Teflon Coating

By choosing to add anti-reflective coating to your lenses, you will greatly reduce the effects of glare and halo. This also gives your lenses a two-year warranty in our office. If your glasses stratch, break, or chip at any time within the warranty period, we will replace your lenses at no charge.

Teflon Elite Coating (Pure Coat)

This anti-reflective coating is similar to our traditional teflon coating, but offers even better reduction of glare and halo effects.



Traditional presicription lenses are calcuated to the nearest quarter of a diopter (i.e. -1.00 or -1.25). iScription prescription lenses are calculated to the nearest hundreth of a diopter (i.e. -1.13 or -1.29). Our Zeiss iProfiler captures three measurements that along with Dr. Kloesel's refraction generates your ideal prescription. By utilizing this technology you can improve night driving and low light vision, improve color contrast, and obtain crisper visual contrast.

Transition Lenses

We offer three different types of transition lenses. These lenses automatically darken when you are in direct sunlight and lighten when you return inside.

The traditional transition will not darken while in a vehicle, but offers quicker dark-to-light transition time.

The transition extra-active lens darkens while in a vehicle and gets even darker when in direct sunglight. This transition version also offers a slight tint while indoors.

The transition vantage lens is similar to our other transition lenses, but while outdoors the lens automatically polarizes. This offers crisp, clear vision while outdoors.

Photo Fusion Lenses

This lens option closely resembles our transition lenses, but offeres the fastest light-to-dark and dark-to-light transition times. It is also completely clear while indoors and very dark while outdoors.

Polarized Lenses

When purchasing prescription sunglasses, polarized lenses will offer the most crip and clear vision while outdoors. This also gives your sunglasses 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Polished & Rolled Edges

Frames that are semi-rimless or rimless show the edges of your lenses. By choosing to polish the edges of your lenses, the edges will be clear rather than a chalky, white color.