North Texas Eye Care Services


Eyeglass Repair

At North Texas Eye Care we can repair many broken eye glasses issues. At any point, whether you are an exsisting patient or not, we can adjust your eye glasses, provide new nose pieces, re-insert a lens, or order parts/pieces to your exsisting glasses.

Michael Kors

Our Equipment

North Texas Eye Care strives to be on the cutting edge of opthalmic technologies. We currently offer all of the most up to date opthalmic equipment. Including the: Zeiss iProfiler, Humphrey FDT Visual Field, Konan Endothelial Cell Check, Optos Retinal Imaging, Zeiss Occular Coherence Tomographer, Diopsys Visual Evoked Potential, and the Diopsys Pattern Electroretinogram.



Disease Management

At North Texas Eye Care, we have the latest technology to diagnosis and treat many different occular diseases.

Dr. Kloesel

Elective Refractive Surgery

Whether it be customized LASIK, PRK, or cataract surgery, we will refer you to our opthamalogist and continue your pre and post operative care.