North Texas Eye Care Equipment

Konan Endothelial Cell Check

Konan ECCThe Konan ECC represents the latest in endothelial cell analysis, which allows us to take a more comprehensive view of the cornea. This is particularly valuable in cases such as keratoconus, corneal transplantations, or corneal dystrophies. The Konan ECC also provides corneal thickness measurements (pachymetry) which is very useful in the diagnosis of glaucoma, keratoconus, corneal dystrophy, or corneal degeneration. Pachymetry also provides insight into candidacy for elective refractive procedures. This test is typically covered by your major medical insurance and can be done in office.

ECC Testing Procedure:

1. The patient will be instructed to rest their chin on the chinrest and lean their forehead into the top of the machine.
2. First, the technician will align the pupil and capture the pachymetry measurement for both eyes.
3. When this test is complete, the technician will then align the pupil and capture the endothelial measurement for both eyes.
4. When looking in the machine, the patient will be fixated on a green circle with a red rim around the circle.
5. At the moment of capture, the patient will be instructed to hold both eyes open wide for the most accurate results.
6. Each capture (total of four) takes 10-15 seconds.