North Texas Eye Care Equipment

Optos Retinal Imaging

The Optos 200Dx Widefield Retinal Imaging device is one of the most accurate, complete retinal imaging devices available. Optos 200DxThe technology is designed to simultaneously capture a digital image view of the retina from central pole to periphery. The images allow early detection, documentation, and monitoring of ocular patholgy and systemic disease that may first present in the periphery. These pathologies might otherwise go undetected using traditional examination techniques and equipment. This test is typically covered by your major medical insurance and can be done in office.

Optos Testing Procedure:

1. The patient will be instructed to turn to the left, and look into the device with their right eye.
2. Your cheek will be directly against the device.
3. While looking into the machine, you will see a green circle, with a red rim around the circle.
4. The technician will manually align the patient. The patient will see a bright flash of light upon capturing.
5. At the moment of capture, the technician will instruct the patient to hold both eyes as wide as possible to insure accuracy.
6. When a quality image is captured, the patient will be instructed to turn to the right.
7. The procedure will be repeated for the left eye.
8. After capturing a full view of the retina, the machine will need 30-40 seconds to adjust for high resolution imaging.
9. The procedure will then be repeated for both eyes.
10. The second image provides a zoomed, high resolution image of the optice nerve and the macula.
11. The entire testing procedure takes 4-6 minutes to complete.