North Texas Eye Care Equipment

Zeiss Occular Coherence Tomography

The Zeiss Cirrus OCT provides us with many different retinal and anterior segment capabilities. Zeiss Cirrus OCTThis instrument allows us to map the thickness of your optic nerves, maculas, or areas of concern in the peripheral retina. By mapping the thickness in the affected area, we are able to track and monitor the progression of glaucoma, macular degeneration, drusen, choroidal nevus, keratoconus, corneal abrasions, corneal scars, and many other diagnoses. Occular Coherence Tomography is also very useful in analyzing the toxicity of many high risk medications. In the most common case, Plaquenil (used to treat rheumatoid arthritis) can cause damage to the retina. By using the Zeiss OCT, we can catch this damage early, before the damage is irreversible. This test is typically covered by your major medical insurance and can be done in office.

OCT Testing Procedure:

1. The technician will instill a lubricating eye drop into each eye, to insure accurate testing results.
2. The patient will be instructed to rest their chin on one side of the chinrest and place their forehead on the forehead rest.
3. The technician will align the device (be aware that the chinrest and forehead rest will move during alignment).
4. The technician will select the desired setting (Macula, Anterior Segment, Optic Nerve, or Retina).
5. The patient will be instructed to stare at the green fixation X. This will be against a red flashing background.
6. Each test typically takes 1-2 minutes per eye.